LOCATION: Sir John Rogerson's Quay 
This was a total rewire and fit of an entire floor of the Bloodstone Building in the Dublin Docklands area. A large portion of the work went into rewiring the lighting system, most of the floor was taken up with open plan desks. We installed modular light fittings within the ceiling grid controlled by motion detectors which we supplied via a multi gang light switch situated in the electrical riser which could be used to override the motion detectors in case of failure. 
One side of the floor was made up of a canteen and rests area. We designed and installed a new lighting system in this area based on the plans of the design team. The builders installed four rectangular breaks into the existing ceiling grid into which we installed a bespoke conduit grid installation. We sourced mini LED light fittings that we installed inside the conduit junction boxes and fit coloured Perspex box lids to enhance the effect. The result was a one of a kind bespoke install that was roundly appreciated by everyone involved. 
A new comms room was built to serve the entire floor which also contained the control system for the security, intruder, access, and camera systems. On top of the new general fire alarm system that we installed throughout the floor we also installed a new fire suppression system into the comms room. 
The open plan desks were fed through power tracks in the raised access floors and all the new power and general service sockets were wired through a cable tray system fitted within the raised access floor and ceiling void area. We carried out alterations to the existing distribution board installing new MCBS to control the new underfloor power tracks feeding the desks and a new main MCB to feed the new Comms room board. 
We carried out full testing and verification of the entire electrical system and handed over the job on time complete with certification, test results, distribution charts and as installed drawings. 
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