The One Building 

LOCATION: The One Building Hogan Place 
We did the fit out of three floors of this building, initially it was the 1st and 3rd floors and then the 2nd floor several months later. 
Each floor consisted of 80 open plan workstations fed from power tracks wired under the raised access floor. There were several offices and meeting rooms which contained an extensive audio-visual system in each. 
There was an existing comms room on each floor with an existing sub main cable and distribution panel which we relocated in the room and wired a new second sub main cable from the distribution board on each level to a new 2nd panel located in the comms room. 
This allowed us to feed the new comms cabinets from two separate sources one of which supplied a new UPS system feeding one of the cabinets. We wired new 2no. outdoor air conditioning units to the basement car park to feed the comms room and new BMS wiring to the existing control system. 
There was a bespoke Dali controlled lighting system installed consisting of recessed LED light fittings and a large amount of linear concealed LED strip lighting throughout. 
There we several new fan coil units added to the system complete with new BMS control wiring. We wired and install services to a new tea station area. The fire alarm system was stripped out and rewired and reconnected to the house system. 
We carried out alterations to the existing distribution board installing new MCBS to control the new underfloor power tracks feeding the desks and a new main MCB to feed the new Comms room board. 
We carried out full testing and verification of the entire electrical system and handed over the job on time complete with certification, test results, distribution charts and as installed drawings. 
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